The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

The Challenge

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is the only professional association for internal auditors in the UK and Ireland. Having chartered status, they have 8,000 members over the UK and Ireland and provide qualifications, training, services and resources to help Internal Auditors be the best they can be. Felinesoft have been technical partners to the IIA for over a year, supporting their existing website to help them reach their business objectives as a membership organisation.

The Institute approached us just over twelve months ago due to our skills and expertise in digital, membership and Umbraco content management solutions.

Felinesoft were briefed to make improvements to their existing website. It was experiencing a number of technical issues and needed optimising from a performance standpoint. Also, the Institute needed to improve the website’s navigation. The IIA needed a flexible information architecture that delineated clear paths for visitors.

Embedded within this, was to be an ecommerce framework that needed to enable users to renew membership and buy events online easily and efficiently.

Our Solution

As the website wasn’t built from the ground up by Felinesoft, the analysis of the legacy source code had to be meticulous to find the root of the technical issues.

Initially, Felinesoft conducted an acute source code analysis to uncover the pain points from a technology user’s perspective. The code was cleaned up and the Institute’s content management system, Umbraco, was updated.

Felinesoft then completed a discovery phase to review the website’s information architecture and designed a scalable ecommerce framework of user journeys to fit in with the IIA’s current and future portfolio. Finally, Felinesoft built and rolled out the user journeys for events and membership purchasing.


The Results

The performance of IIA’s website was greatly improved and with enhanced user journeys, allowing users to quickly and easily navigate to where they need to and complete key tasks, increasing conversion rates and ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction.

The website now gives the IIA the ability to take card payments online, greatly reducing the administration hours, freeing up time for the IIA to add value elsewhere as a membership organisation.

In summary, the evolution of the IIA’s website has been, and continues to be, a success due to excellent communication and collaboration between both partners.

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