British Airways Partners Game

The Challenge

Felinesoft have worked with creative partner Being to develop a number of online games for the British Airways Preferred Partner network. All of the games outlined below have been coded in a way that allows them to work in a large range of browsers; the games are also designed to be played on fairly low spec PCs which are typically used by the staff in call centres.

Our Solution

Happy Flyer Game

This game was modelled on a typical 'digital pet’ genre game which requires the players (staff in BA’s Preferred Partners’ call centres) to select the right action for each behaviour then answer multiple choice questions to advance their score. The game is designed to be played in 5 – 10 minute sessions throughout the day, and will auto save the players’ scores throughout the session. Scoring is collated centrally to allow for the generation of a leader board which players can check their position on.

Key Features

  • The game is designed to work with all browsers, with IE 6 as a particular focus.
  • As the game is fairly minimal in terms of CPU or bandwidth use, the game can run on a PC with a specification typical to those used by the call centre staff.
  • To ensure that game performs well, the character’s animation is constrained to 1 - 2 frames per second.
  • The back end runs on a single server with a LAMP configuration. It is written in PHP using the Yii MVC framework, with the database running on MySQL. This database stores the questions and the players’ scores.
  • When a player accesses the game, the server will send all the questions and answers to the browser in JSON format.
  • During play the player ID and score is sent back to the server via an AJAX call, and the database is updated.
  • The player can also view a leader board of the highest scorers, which is generated from the database.
  • The leader board will show a happiness level and the player’s first name.

Felinesoft were also required to develop a management area for the game to enable BA to:

  • Upload a CSV file with questions, possible answers and the correct answers.
  • View and download (as a CSV file) the scores of all players.
  • Upload a new questions file which will overwrite the existing questions.

Jigsaw Latino Game

The Jigsaw Latino Games was developed in response to the merger between British Airways and Iberia, creating a new company called International Airline Group (IAG). The game was created to engage staff at British Airways Preferred Partners’ companies to show them how this merger has resulted in a bigger network across South and Central America, with more destinations in more countries and a greater choice of flights. 

Game play was incentivised with a prize draw as well as instant win prizes. When you click on the jigsaw it falls to pieces., and against the clock the player has to reassemble the jigsaw, adding in the destination cities and the flights of British Airways and Iberia. After each piece is correctly placed in situ the user is prompted with a multiple choice question. If the user answers correctly they move on, and can add another jigsaw piece. If they answer the question incorrectly, they have to go back to the previous piece.

Key Features

  • Built to support all browsers, mainly targeting IE6
  • Game engine and animations were built using JavaScript and jQuery
  • Back end was built using PHP/MySQL
  • 9 puzzle pieces with questions associated with 6 of them
  • All puzzle pieces must be placed and all questions answered to complete the game
  • If a question is answered in under 5 seconds the player gets a sticker of that country added to their suitcase
  • Instant win prizes to be given away at random. 6 pairs of Havaiana flip flops and 4 capital bonds per day. Winners are chosen at random and distributed over the working day (9 to 5). Cookies stored on winner’s machine to ensure maximum one prize per player. If a player wins flip flops they are asked for their shoe size (women’s and men’s)
  • Once the game is complete the player is given a data capture form to submit
  • Once submitted the player has the option to play again and/or download a PDF of their suitcase showing the stickers they have collected to share with their colleagues.

Cross The Pond

Cross the Pond was an interactive horizontal scrolling game targeted at BA’s Preferred Partners to build awareness, and provide clarity around developments regarding BA’s Transatlantic Joint Business packages. Game play was incentivised with prizes for the highest scorers.

Game Play

The player selects and is assigned an avatar of a plane at the bottom of the screen. The background of the game is then smoothly scrolled down from the top of the screen to the bottom, thus providing the illusion of in-flight motion. During the flight the user is presented with a number of speed-up tokens that will randomly appear during the course of the flight. The speed-up tokens will accelerate the player along the game screen and enable them to reduce the time taken to reach their chosen destination.

Upon reaching their destination any time savings are banked and added to the time available to answer six questions about further developments in transatlantic travel. If the player has answered the final six questions at their destination correctly and within the allotted time the player is considered to have successfully completed the game. Conversely, completion of the game is considered unsuccessful if the player fails to correctly answer all six questions in the allotted time.

On unsuccessful completion of the game, the player is presented with a game over screen and a positive invitation encouraging them to try again soon. On successful completion of the game, the player is presented with a game over screen that invites the player to enter their details to submit their final score to the leader board and enter the competition for a chance to win a prize.

The Results

The gaming experience was segmented into three core components, Introduction (begin), Game play (play) and Data capture (end). Throughout the lifecycle of the game all traffic was captured and monitored via Google Analytics. Any leader board and competition entries were stored in a database for later retrieval.

As computers at several partner sites did not have Flash installed Felinesoft decided to construct the game using web standards technology. Building the site in HTML, CSS and Javascript enables the final game to be supported on a much wider range of browsers, including Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 as well as other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as other browsers that include a JavaScript interpreter.

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