British Airways Facebook Hub

The Challenge

Being is a London-based brand behaviour company and a creative partner of Felinesoft. As Being’s digital partner Felinesoft have worked on various social media campaigns for British Airways, so took up the chance to help them out again, when they needed to create a Facebook Hub.

Our Solution

Being supplied the design PSDs and templates and the Felinesoft front-end development team built the Facebook Hub Teaser, Reveal and Engagement pages from this design collateral. The HTML/CSS page build included skinning of the Teaser Page, a countdown timer and the embedding of a single YouTube teaser video. A share button, a user comments component and a Facebook Calendar event was also set up for the launch date.

Alongside the skinning of the Reveal page with a Join Now registration form we embedded a YouTube video and built an image carousel. The YouTube video content was uploaded and tagged, and set up with Share and Like buttons as well as the Facebook user comments component. The video and images were also set up for Twitter sharing. The video player element was set up to cater for HD content, to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

The engagement page needed top-level skinning as well as a database setting up for the Customer climate gauge; we coded the database to query Facebook for data to build the image and setup an Event model to draw data in for changes to the data; we also created a caching system for the images and a render algorithm for the graphic display.

Felinesoft also built other Facebook pages and Facebook apps for British Airways, namely Height CuisineGreat Britons, My 2012 and Flying Start.

technically proficient and tight on process

Fraser Quigan, Project Team Manager Creative Agency

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