The Felinesoft team have a wealth of experience putting together robust CRM and powerful, data driven digital marketing solutions for colleges and universities all over the UK.

Our expert use of CRM capabilities provide a complete digital user persona on each student, based on data collection and segmentation. By building up an informed profile of each student over the duration of their time with your academic establishment, you are able to easily automate and target communications, enrolments and applications.

Segmentation by age, gender, location, course and numerous other individual markers also allows you to send targeted, individual marketing communications with ease.

With robust permissions setting, we can enable you to make the right information available to the right departments – wherever and whenever they need to access it.

This also means that you improve the student experience with a more co-ordinated, holistic approach, building upon and improving the reputation of your college or university.

Our CRM solutions help you to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Find the information you need quickly and easily
  • Gain visibility of enquiries, applications and enrolments
  • Integrate email marketing functionality
  • Track phone calls
  • Integrate online enquiry forms
  • Enhance document management with version controls, security and co-authoring
  • Create charts and dashboards to provide management information in an engaging, user-friendly format
  • Automatically track incoming and outgoing emails against student records

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