Our Managing Director, Ralph Johnson, was invited to speak about his experience in starting up new businesses at the Virgin Start up Meetup, in the Watershed Bristol. The event was focused on how the attendees can take advantage of opportunities, how to fund their business, how to validate business ideas, attracting customers and finally, tips on launching successfully.

Ralph has been in the software development industry all his life, starting off in the dot com boom and then losing his job in the crash. It was then that he set up FelineSoft and has been running it ever since. He has a wealth of knowledge about development and in particular working with Umbraco, Azure, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. The FelineSoft team are now 35+ strong and have been running for 14 years.

Ralph spoke about the beginnings of FelineSoft, gave a brief overview of our clients, and talked about how we got to where we are.

He then passed some advice on how your ‘people’, or staff, are invaluable, and how to get the best out of them; good people are 10x more productive than bad ones, but they don’t have to cost 10x as much! 

Finally, he talked about process, and the product, how you’re only as good as your last delivery, continually refine your product and understand your customers needs. A few pearls of wisdom from Ralph to share were pulled and found some great reception on twitter.

Overall, well done to Ralph, and thanks to Virgin Start Up for a great event!


Have a quick peek at Ralph's slides here: