Welcome to the 'New' Felinesoft Brand

Back in 2015, the Felinesoft team decided that it was high time the branding we had was refreshed. We were long due a more modern look to follow in line with our rapidly growing company, and to show off our wide range of 'technical alchemy' skills. We pride ourselves on being able to work with entrepreneurs, through to full service agencies, and we wanted to appeal to all of these target audiences with something not too techy, but that showcases our extreme geekery! 

We worked hard with our branding expert, Cecila ( who helped us to refine our perfect brand strategy, and Orca (, who helped us realise how we wanted the Felinesoft brand to look within the market. After a lot of hard work, we're proud to reveal our new brand and our website to the world, built by our wonderful developers in-house. 

'Felinesoft enables entrepeneurs, marketing agencies and SMBs to realise their most ambitious business visions through technology.

Our honest, questioning, challenging and supportive approach to developing robust technical solutions makes organisations more efficient, innovative and productive.

Felinesoft belives in doing it right and doing it once, giving clients a solid platform from which to grow their business.'

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