Felinesoft head for the hills!

After a busy summer, for work and holidays, we held our annual summer event at the end of September. This year we decided to head to the Mendip Hills for some outdoor activities. 

After a quick coach journey to the Mendip Activity Centre (no Bristol traffic is always a good start to a day), we were greeted by a Yeti and our guide. Following a quick refreshment in ‘Base Camp’ we were ready to begin.

First up, Disc Golf!

We split into small groups, picked up a frisbee each and headed to the first ‘tee’. Every tee had a par and we threw our frisbee in the direction of the ‘hole’ basket, hoping to get it there in as little throws as possible.

Well. None of us have ever claimed to be an Ultimate Frisbee pro, so occasionally (only occasionally...) the frisbees ended up veering way off the track and into the depth of the forest, rolling down hills and stuck up trees (cue an earlier than planned problem-solving task). Great fun though.


After a refuel at 'Basecamp' we got ready for our next activity, Mission Impossible!

We split into four teams each with ten missions to complete. The team with the most points got the first chance to crack a code and unlock the prize box!

Missions were in different locations in the surrounding woods and fields, and included Levitation, Spiders Web, Fuel Rods, Drainpipe, Crate Stack, Rescue Raft and more. 

We were marked on our team work and smart use of resources. We self-organise at Felinesoft (no line management!) so we are all very used to working together collaboratively. We also work in an agile way, and this approach worked particularly well for the ‘Drainpipe’ mission.



And the winning team, who scored the most points and unlocked the box (with a ‘Beautiful Mind’ style code unlocking moment) were...

Dipo, George, Marion, Lukasz, Jakub, Adam, Pantelis and Pete. Congratulations! 

Following an active day in the countryside we popped back to the office to freshen up and then headed into central Bristol to Bambalan (a restaurant/bar with a Puerto Rican twist) for some well earned food and drinks. Which included our company favourite food = pizza! and our favourite sport = table tennis!

We had a great day out of the office and had a good laugh together. Huge thank you to those who stayed in the office to support our clients during the day.

Now to plan our Christmas event, which will be here sooner than we think…!

Charlotte Addison, HR & Ops @ Felinesoft