It was our annual summer event...

and the Felinesofters voted on a good old classic, paintball!

It's quite tricky, getting an event that everyone is happy with, and something like paintball can really divide the camps. We set off on a bright morning at the end of September, on a coach bound for Thornbury, and arrived, with trepidation at Delta Force Paintball. 

We got kitted up, in overalls, goggles and body armour, and listened to the nice man telling us 'what not to do', patiently waiting to be unleashed into the forest!

And unleashed we were! Split into two groups, it was Felinesoft against Felinesoft, red and blue, and we scrabbled our way around wooden castles, huts and barrels, getting very muddy in the process.

Everyone seemed to have a really good time, any quibbles before were soon replaced with a lot of laughs, and quite a bit of mud. Reds were the overall winners of the day, despite a valiant effort from the blues, and we set off back to the office to shower and head out to Bill's for a lovely dinner to finish off the day.

Thanks to Pete and Ralph for letting us have such fun every year, and also for funding our seemingly endless paintball addiction...